Our Projects

About our projects

 To execute all the ground breaking and valuable projects, we have up a subsidiary operation company in Botswana; Terra Conservancy Operations. We are totally committed to establishing the Central Tuli Game Reserve as a protected area, in combination with the broader region of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve. 

Our projects on the ground consist of leopard and brown hyena research projects, establishing a secure game proof perimeter fence, conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, establishing game re-introduction programs, and community liaison.


‘Over Leven in het Wild trail’ 19 – 24 June

We support several projects focusing on wildlife research, conservation initiatives, security and anti-poaching, community care, and the prevention of human/wildlife conflict. 

‘Over Leven in het Wild trail’ in cooperation with Martine van Zijll Langhout.
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Wildlife research

We funded and established an accredited PhD level field study, focussing on the ecology of leopards and hyenas of the Tuli.


Community care

Our deep rooted philanthropic and conservation passion has created various community development programs, such as a day care centre for children at Mathathane village. 


We are in the process of upgrading 30kms of the Central Tuli perimeter fence with fully electrified game proof fencing, in an effort to alleviate conflict with the local farming communities.


Anti poaching and surveillance system.

A first in Botswana, we have invested in this groundbreaking technology which will provide an effective monitoring and  communication network on the ground. 

Realised projects

Timbo Afrika was responsible for sourcing and producing artificial leopard skins in an effort to alleviate poaching activities in rural Zululand. This effort culminated with the production of a documentary To Skin a Cat.